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Grand Gedeh

Grand Gedeh has lower tropical forests which has mid size hills composed of various valleys and water courses.

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Has vast Land and suitable agriculture environment

has vast forest with natural reserves.


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Grand Gedeh

It's predominantly covered with green forest and useful vegetation. Agriculture is one factor of national revenue generation and further support agriculture productive.

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Has vast Land and suitable agriculture environment

It's predominantly covered with green forest and useful vegetation.


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Grand Gedeh

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(WHH) officially turned over the newly renovated market

County Inspector & Local LFA President at the 2022 District Sport Tournament


Grand Gedeh culture and tourism

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The housing units are part of the two hundred and twenty (220) housing units promised to be built by UNHCR, an International …

The turnover ceremony took place in Zwedru and brought together Marketers, Local government officials, NGOs, and Journalists amongst others. During the turnover …

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County superintendent

Hon. Kai G. Farley

Hon. Kai G. Farley is the County superintendent and Head of the Local County Authority of Grand Gedeh. He was born on August 18, 1973. He has over 14 years of experience in public service.

He served as Inspector General at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry from 2004-2005. Additionally, he serves Liberia as a Representative of the National Legislature in Liberia for Grand Gedeh from 2006-2011. He also served the private sector as a Consultant for the Putu Iron Ore Mining Company in Grand Gedeh from 2012-2014.
Currently, he has been instrumental in advancing the National Government’s development plan called the Pro-poor Agenda for Development and prosperity (PAPD) in Grand Gedeh.

Under his stewardship, Grand Gedeh has seen infrastructure developments including bridges, construction of housing units for the poor, expansion of electricity, durable solution and integration for Ivorian Refugees, and the strengthening of the County Security Council.
He once said, “I look forward to an inclusive and participatory Local Government for Development”.

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