Ministry of Commerce & Industry (MOCI)

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry was established by an Act of Legislature in 1987. The Ministry was originally established in 1948 as the Department of Agriculture and Commerce. On June 1, 1962 it became the Department of Commerce and Industry. On December 31, 1971 the name was changed to Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Transportation. An Act detaching the Bureau of Transport from the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Transportation, resulted in the current Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Mission Statement

“As a strong partner we strive to create sound policies promptly for commerce and trade that facilitate private sector growth and innovations, while setting standards that will empower all of our consumers to make informed decisions improving the quality of life for all.

In particular we will facilitate private sector growth, and set good policies and standards to achieve this.
Among our many partners we will be particularly focused on existing and new business, consumers, and helping move the informal into the formal sector.

We will do this with respect for all partners, with accountability for efficient and effective performance and with professional standards at a high level of integrity.”

Vision Statement


  • Good policy for trade
  • Revitalizing the economy
  • Opening up the private sector
  • Work opportunities for the future

“Good policy, for revitalizing the Liberian economy for private sector expansion providing employment opportunities for the people of Liberia”.

Years in Business
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