Residents of Zwedru city, Grand Gedeh County have once more experienced a massive fire disaster, this time leaving the Regional Police Commander of the Liberia National Police ACP Anthony N. Weah dead and several persons homeless.

The fire outbreak occurred in the early morning hours of Wednesday, July 19,2023 at about 4AM around the LBDI compound in Welbo Quarter, Zwedru.

The building which the fire affected was occupied mostly by employees of government especially those hailing from outside the county.

The cause of the fire is not clear, however, some residents have blamed the Liberia Electricity Cooperation for the cause of the damage noting the fluctuation of current could be the primary source of the fire.

Neoh Saydee commonly known as Satan Handbag, an eyewitness during the fire outbreak said the incident took place as the results of malfunctioning of LEC wires emulating from the room of the late Regional Commander (ACP Anthony N. Weah).

Saydee noted that several attempts were made in rescuing the late RC but all prove futile as he succumbs to death after enough suffocation from the heat and fire that emulated from his room.

Deceased of the fire incident (RC Anthony N.Weah)

He blamed the lack of fire service trucks in the county as the only reason why the late ACP Weah died noting that if fire service personals were around with their necessary tools this wouldn’t have intensified less to talk about death.

“We don’t have fire service people here because if they were going to be around with their materials, the man was not going to die like that”

“He really suffered to die; he felt his death because they were nowhere around to rescue him or off the fire” he added.

Other eyewitnesses name withheld blamed the lawmakers of the county for not adequately putting the interest of the county first especially in tackling this old age problem in the county (fire service lack of materials).

“For us we completely blame all the lawmakers of the county; since they came to power they haven’t put five dollars together in at least getting small fire service truck for the county to use in case of fire problem”.

“we are disappointed in all of them”, they added.

They however expressed their sympathy with the bereaved families and also called on the five (5) lawmakers of the county to put their house’s in order so as to tackle the challenges faced by authorities of fire service.

Superintendent Kai G. Farley

At the same time Superintendent Kai G. Farley has expressed total regret in the incident noting that it is disappointing to lose a well trained, respectful, down to earth and disciplined security personal in the county.

“We as local government are so sad upon seeing this kind of incident in the county especially to this kind of man of sees everyone as a brother and sister”.

“We regret this to the higher extent”

Superintendent Farley noted that an instruction has been given to the CID section of the Liberia National Police to speedily and impartially investigate the cause of death and damage receive by other victims of the fire incident.

“I have been here from this early morning hours up to now and have instructed the CID commander of the LNP to investigate this matter to the fullest and as well be able to speedily and impartially do that”.

Hon. Farley furthered that the local authority has facilitated the process of transporting the remains of the late Regional Commander (Anthony N. Weah) to Grand Bassa County based upon the request made his wife whom we spoke with on the phone.

“Immediately the doctor confirmed that he (the late RC) is dead, we communicated with his wife and she pleaded with us to see her husband body”

“We made an arrangement with the ambulance to carry the body and as well those going along and ensure that he’s kept somewhere; as we speak they are on their way already.

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  1. Condolences to the family of the deceased and the Liberia National Police.
    The National Fire Service needs to assign at a fire truck to each County

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